Welcome to the U4U Pre-prototype input form, a crude mockup of a new deliberation method that promotes understanding.

The purpose of inviting the What is Politics community here is to continue discussing important issues we began in class – including citizen actions, and also to test collectivism in an experimental digital commons.

Tagging messages with one of the 8 common sense meanings makes information more useful. USHIN, universal shared information, lets people choose sources of information, and find what they seek easily. USHIN lets people view facts from different perspectives, and consider elements independently. A bit cumbersome now, new visuals will make it quick to scan for how different groups think, or feel about, for example, a piece of legislature, and help us dig into details and evaluate potential actions based on meeting specific needs.

The highest use of such a process is to foster an alchemy that tends to occur when people come together for understanding or to undertake reasonable, compassionate action.

Jump on in, or, for more information please see the skeleton of our new site: ushin.net. For examples of what other people want to deliberate in the prototype click the menu choice: "U4U" and find the booklet. Page 9 of the U4U booklet shows how a few topics came to be included in the prototype so far. [links pending]

Please type into any or all of the spaces below. When the prototype is running we’ll let you know how to access your own branch where you can edit and publish your input as you like.

*** We will not share your email with anyone.You will control your anonymity, what you publish, and its exposure. ***

This form goes from you to me and a few people helping with tech support for our What is Politics Community group deliberation. We'll use your name and email only to communicate with you about this project for as long as you like and no more.

What would you like to see the group deliberate?

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